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January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

It all feels far away now but we had a jolly introduction to Christmas Customs at the December Lecture given by Richard Box. We were reminded that if you’re sending someone twelve gifts at any time of the year,  it’s best to consult them first on what they’d like!

I must share some of my enjoyment of our recent visit to the Monochrome Art Exhibitionin the National Gallery. Our party was smaller than anticipated so I have no hesitation in encouraging members to visit this exhibition privately. It finishes on the 18th February. I was especially pleased to see a monochrome painting by Breugel as well as works by Rembrandt, Durer, Picasso, Van Eyck, Ingres and others. I gained a better understanding of how widely monochrome painting has been used, and of how it has facilitated interaction between painting and other media including sculpture and photography. The final exhibit by Eliasson uses lighting to strip out colour from a room and its occupants. I can’t describe the effect. Try it!

Coming up on 13th February is our second Study Day.  We shall be finding out about the Art and Architecture of Georgia and Armenia, under the guidance of Claire Ford-Willie. About ten years ago I was much inspired by “Romanian Journey’, Angela Gheorghiu’s documentary film on church architecture, painting and singing in her native country. Admittedly it’s not Armenia or Georgia but very much in the same part of the world and all three are often visited together. The Study Day will bring to life the artistic riches of two countries on the far Eastern edge of ancient Christendom. We can enjoy views of ancient churches and fortified monasteries that dot a magnificent landscape.  The buildings and their decoration with rich wall paintings are very striking.  The day will take us through sculpture and the glowing illuminated manuscripts before the re-emergence of art under Russian influence.  The story will be illustrated by stunning slides that may just make you consider paying a visit to these far away yet increasingly familiar countries.
Please see details below for the booking form and contact John Holmes.

Your Committee has been busy putting together the programmes for 2018-19. We are about to drop the Glyndebourne visit for the Autumn as questions have arisen about its continuing level of popularity. We are minded to ratify our decision in March. If you have views either way on this please let me know before then.

The Committee has decided to move the website to another provider. As soon as the move happens we shall give you more details in the Newsletter. There should be no break in service. Two particular advantages of the new website are that there is a built in feedback device to collect members’ views on lectures and events, and that the annual running costs will be considerably cheaper with little, if any, loss of functionality.

Due to family commitments, our guest speaker Professor Jerry Brotton will, unfortunately, be unable to attend our Spring Lunch.  Arrangements are currently under discussion with another speaker and details will be emailed to you shortly.

Frank Myers, Chairman

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