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June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter
Dear member,

Ross Charlton’s photographs from our visit to Norfolk last month are now on the website. They are very good. Thank you, Ross. Click here for the link.

The 390 Societies affiliated to NADFAS are each independent with their own name, members, constitution, rules and AGM. Most of them, like us, have not yet decided what to do in terms of changing their own name or adopting a new local identity, following NADFAS’ decision to change theirs. In general we are content with the change of name but there are some constitutional issues that we are discussing with NADFAS House.

Once the constitutional niceties have been resolved we need to conclude what identity we want for Limpsfield. At the moment our website and newsletter banner simply has our name and the green Gresham grasshopper (see above). Our letterhead is marginally more exciting with the logo and a panorama picture of St Peter’s Church. Neither would win a prize in a graphic design exhibition. The new programme leaflet was an experiment, as I indicated last month. We ought to be able to do better.

It occurs to me I am addressing this apologia to 460 art appreciation enthusiasts. I have no doubt you all have a view on how we should present ourselves to the outside world. Please write to me with a suggestion and, even better, with an illustration of what it would look like.

Imagine we are designing a new letterhead with a view to inviting new members to join us. The banner should be striking and include the word Limpsfield. It could possibly include the existing logo and/or the Arts Society logo (see the latest magazine). It could be realistic or graphical, traditional or abstract and it should convey the enjoyment we find in art appreciation. Write as soon as you can so we may start the new season with a fresh face.

Next week we have the last talk of the season. Art Historian Lois Oliver who talk about the impressionists and the concept of ‘a flaneur’, which was a mainspring of the literary and painting movements in the nineteenth century. I look forward to seeing you there.

Brian McEvoy, Chairman
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