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November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

The past month has brought a bumper crop of enjoyable lectures and outings. I particularly enjoyed the talk on ‘The Sword and the Staff’, which left many of us wondering why we have not yet traveled the route to Compostela. Another highlight was the Special Interest Day with Lars Tharp on European Porcelain. I think I may be catching ‘la maladie de porcelain’ although regrettably the cure may be beyond my financial means.

The latest Area Lecture was on the history and treasures of the Romanov family. I found it among the most enlightening talks I have ever attended on this subject. Well done to Ann Hollywood for organising it!

I am  looking forward to our next Study Day on the ‘Art and Architecture in Armenia and Georgia’ at the URC which is now on Tuesday 13th February – please note change of date. 

I am pleased to say that Professor Jerry Brotton has agreed to give our after lunch address at the Annual Spring Lunch on 13th April. Gerry is widely known for his publication ‘A History of the World in 12 Maps’, which has been translated into eleven languages, and for his frequent appearances on TV history programmes. A renowned author, broadcaster and critic, his awards include finalist for the Samuel Johnson Prize and the Hessell-Tiltman Prize. ‘The Sultan and the Queen’ published as ‘This Orient Isle’ in the UK, was a Financial Times Book of the Year. Dr Jerry will address us on the theme of ‘Maps from Greeks to Google’.

Our membership numbers are now getting close to last year’s level, thanks largely to Wynne Gifford’s tenacious pursuit of annual renewals. Many of our members have also made successful recruitment drives with friends and acquaintances. Evidently our policy of hiring the best quality speakers is paying off. We still have some vacancies so please redouble your efforts to find more people to join us!

Frank Myers, Chairman

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