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Each year we have an organised tour of 4 – 6 days either in Britain or overseas to visit a location of special interest with an expert lecturer or guide. In the recent past we have visited Gascony, Glasgow, Prague, West of England, Italy, Yorkshire, Berlin and Dresden, Shropshire. In 2015 we visited Andalucia.

In 2016 we  visited the Palaces of Vienna,  Click on the button below to read a review and see photos taken on the trip.

In 2017 we will be experiencing The History and Heritage of Norfolk from 8th – 12th May

We welcome guests and always try to accommodate them but, of course, members have first priority so hosts should always contact the Tours Organiser to check there is sufficient room.

Houses and History of Norfolk 2017

Vienna 2016

Andalucia 2015

Shropshire 2014